How I fixed my Samsung LN32A450
when it went all white photo negative on me

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Lastly, before I got to the holy grail of circuit boards, I removed these 4 screws...
...revealing these 2 ribbon cables. I clicked the 2 tiny black bars down ...
... and slid the ribbon cables out.
The frame then slid right off revealing...
... the 2 offending circuit boards. If you are keeping score at home, when looking at the tv they are located on the bottom of the screen
There are a couple screws holding each circuit board down. I unscrewed them and tilted up the circuit boards exposing the 3 metal doohickies on each side. Apparently the whole problem is over time the boards settle/bend/spontaneously move back and touch one of these metal pieces causing the white photo negative screens of dispair.
Since 1 person said they fixed their set by putting tape over the metal, I put tape (more specifically electrical tape) over the metal.
And since a different person said they used a piece of felt like you'd put under a chair to fix their tv, I found a piece of foam type tape and put it on over the electrical tape. In summary, I went with both methods. I was taking no chances! It seems silly and completely unnecessary now but at the time I would have patted my head and rubbed my belly if I thought it would have helped.
I then put everything back together (With no extra pieces left over, woohoo!) and fired it up.
As my 6 yr old neice would say, "Winner, winner, chicken dinner!"
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