The vp8350 can function as either an mp3 player of a FM radio.

mp3 Player
The vp8350 supports the following audio types:
-MP3: MPEG-1 Layer I/II/III,
-MPEG-2 Layer2.5, sample rate up to 48KHz, bitrate 16~384kbps, CBR and VBR, Stereo or Mono, .MP3 file format
-WMA: WMA version 7, 8, and 9, sample rate up to 44KHz, Bitrate 32~192kbps CBR. Stereo or Mono. .WMA file format
-AAC: MPEG4-AAC, sample rate up to 48KHz, bitrate 16~320kbps, CBR, VBR, and ABR, Stereo or Mono, .M4A or .AAC file format
-WAV: sample rate up to 48KHz, Stereo or Mono, un-compressed 8 or 16bits PCM in MS-RIFF WAV (.WAV) file format
-CDA: CD-Audio (16bits 44.1KHz stereo)

Audio Quality
How does the audio sound? I would say it sounds fine to me. For me and my purposes, at regular volumes, I am pleased with the audio quality. Cranked all the way with a driving tune and it does get muddy. I would, however, like to attach some higher quality earbuds and see how it sounds. From what I've read in various forums, etc, it seems to me that the earbuds are the limiting factor with most mp3 players; probably true in this case also.

The vp8350 recognizes m3u playlists from Winamp. Just upload your playlist and songs and you're good to go. Once uploaded, you can add other songs on your unit to the playlist.

According to the manual you can also create a playlist using the unit by somehow "copy, delete, then pasting" into another folder. Haven't tried that one yet.

Audio Sweetening
It's got an equalizer with 7 presets built in and one user configurable preset (you have 3 settings you can play with: bass, treble, 3d)

Slideshow with Music
Yes, it is possible with the vp8350


It uses your headphones as the antenna so if you try playing it without the earphones it doesn't pull in the stations too well.

Vosonic vp8350

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dpreview's storage and media forum is also a great place to learn more about this and many other personal storage devices (PSD).
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